Friday, March 30, 2007



Last weekend we went up to Wisemans Ferry, north of Sydney, to join our running club friends for the AGPU. Anna had been quite busy in the days running up to the event finalising some designs for the various goodies that we each received (a cooler bag and bottle opener), and has now completed her tour of duty on committee. However, I was asked (by someone who's obviously never seen my photos) to take on the role of Hash Flash for the coming year, which means I'm responsible for taking a few photos at each week's run.

Most people were staying in some rustic cabins at the camp and one of our party, Pearl, was feeling unwell on Saturday and thought that his diabetes was flaring up. He went to the hospital and was found to be OK, but the blood test that they took indicated that he'd been bitten by a funnel-web spider. Fortunately the bite wasn't too bad, so there was no need to apply the anti-venom and he was discharged without too much fuss.

Finally, I completed my time with Objective on Thursday, and will be starting a new role next week in Pyrmont; so I still get to take the ferry to work.


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Friday, March 23, 2007

Passport Fun


Anna's latest concert with Balmain Sinfonia took place on Sunday afternoon, and everything went well. As I was looking after Caitlin & James, I didn't have chance to see the performance, but a couple of our hashing friends came along and seemed very impressed with the standard.

Anna didn't have much luck with her passport application(s) for James this week. She had organised an appointment for Monday morning, but realised once she had got ready to go that she had left her house keys in the car. The problem, however, was that the car was parked in our backyard, which you can only get to if you can get out of the back door (which, of course, was locked)!

So, on Tuesday, she tried again but this time was knocked back by the woman at the Post Office because one of the counter-signers had used a blue pen, rather than black. Meanwhile, I've also been filling in the application for his British passport so that, in a few weeks, James will have his dual nationality all done!


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Friday, March 16, 2007


South Head

Anna has been gathering together the various pieces required to apply for James Australian passport - which you can do by scheduling an appointment at the post office. She managed to get some passport photos of James taken, but we're not sure if they will be accepted as he is smiling a little (and they ask that it have a “normal” expression) - we'll find out next week.

In addition, Anna's workload at college seems to have increased as the teachers have realised that she needs to complete a number of assignments before the end of June. Although there shouldn't be a problem getting these done, it would be preferable if these pieces could be used in her portfolio - which will be more difficult if she doesn't has limited time to complete them...


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Friday, March 09, 2007

Playing the Spoons

Chocolate Biscuit

Caitlin has always had a reputation for being a good eater at day-care, but she's not always quite as keen at home. As we've come to realise over the past few weeks, most of this comes down to simply preferring to eat with other people. If we all sit at the table together to eat, then Caitlin not only wants her food but yours too - if we're trying to feed her without eating ourselves, then she's generally less interested. Of course, there's never a problem if the food on offer is a “biccy”!

With James rapidly approaching the three-month mark, he's starting to take an interest in what other people are up to, and will move his head to follow you around - not that he's got full control just yet, but it's getting there.

Finally, a couple more videos for those following along:


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Friday, March 02, 2007


Caitlin & James

During their visit to Australia, Rachel, Emily & Graham (particularly Graham) used to take great delight in getting their pronunciation of “Darling Harbour” just right. In case anyone is wondering what what the correct version is, here's Caitlin's interpretation.

James recently went in for a oral vaccine, which aims to protect him against gastroenteritis; interestingly, we never had the option of this treatment with Caitlin, so it's obviously a pretty new thing. Anna was keen to know that it was safe, but she shouldn't have worried too much as, about an hour after, James apparently coughed up much of it anyway!


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