Friday, March 21, 2008

Riders on the storm

Sydney Wildlife World

On Saturday, we joined Anna's parents doing some sight-seeing around Sydney. It's funny how you can live in a place for years and never see many of the things that tourists do - one simple example of this being that I had never visited Government House before, although I've been past it many times. We also risked a trip on the small tourist train that runs through the Botanic Gardens - lucky that no-one had seen this story about the train overturning the week before!

On Sunday, we all went to Sydney Wildlife World for a look around their collection of deadly (and otherwise) inhabitants.

After a short week at work, we then all jumped into a car on Thursday evening for the drive down to Jervis Bay; where we would spend the Easter break. Sydney, being that bit closer to the equator, seems to put on spectacular electrical storms during the summer - and so it was that, at the start of the drive, we found ourselves driving down the Princes Highway with forked lightning seemingly crashing into the ground only metres away from us. Judging from the quiet in the car, I think everyone was very glad once we had made it through the storm.


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