Friday, October 17, 2008


Sold House

The house went on to the market for its first public inspection on Saturday and, just in time for the 12:00pm timeslot, the clouds cleared so that the sun was shining down on us. Speaking to the agent later that afternoon, he was pretty bullish as he reported that he had seen around 35 groups come through the property (including one group that had sent a building inspector through the property the day before); and predicted that it would be a “busy Monday”.

Come Monday, it became apparent that there were two parties who were looking to make an offer on the place, and that afternoon we ended up accepting an offer from a couple who were keen to exchange contracts, without any cooling-off period, as soon as possible. So it was that, by the end of Tuesday, not only had we accepted their offer: but the exchange of signed contracts had also taken place.


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