Friday, May 18, 2007

Mothers Day

Mothers Day

The week started off with International Mothers Day, so I organised the cards and Caitlin carried the flowers in for Anna, before we cooked a Roast Beef sunday lunch.

Later in the week, we attended Anna's graduation ceremony for her Certificate III in Natural Area Restoration. Unfortunately, the room they had chosen to hold it in wasn't really big enough to cater for the number of people attending, so it was pretty much standing room only when we arrived. To ease the crush, the students were encouraged to wait outside until called in to receive their certificates, which led to a rather odd arrangement as students filed out and back in again. However, Anna received hers without too much fuss, and managed to have a quick chat with her former teachers.


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Friday, May 11, 2007

Richard O'Sullivan?

Man about the house

We started offering James a little rice cereal this week and, after an initial ambivalence, he seems to have started enjoying a little solid food. Although, he still seems far more interested in what everyone else is eating than his own option!

On Sunday, we risked a trip to the Dry Dock Hotel for lunch and our recent purchase of a portable media player, primarily for the flight to the UK, worked wonders at keeping Caitlin quiet whilst we waited for our food.

Finally, Anna has been using every spare minute on completing her graphic design coursework, so that it is all done by the end of June.


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Friday, May 04, 2007

Plans afoot

Oceanworld Visit

We visited Oceanworld in Manly last weekend. It's not as big as the Aquarium, which is probably a good thing for both Caitlin & James, as it means that we could get around the whole place without them getting tired.

Afterwards, we went for a stroll along The Corso, which is currently being re-developed. One of the new features is a set of water fountains that you can walk up to, and then run away from when the flow increases; which Caitlin loved playing with.

We've also finalised our flights back to the UK in July, and wanted to give everyone a quick update on our plans for the weekend of the baptism. As it will also be close to Anna's big three-oh birthday, we're hoping to see as many people as possible for one or more of the following activities:


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