Friday, November 30, 2007

Back to work?


The week started with a, seemingly rather early, Christmas party with our Hash friends. We all visited the Greek-themed, Mykonos on Crown restaurant which, curiously, is no longer located on Crown St. It was great fun, although I don't think many of our group remembered much about the food, as the drinks were well and truly flowing...

Confusion reigns with Anna's job, as she received a call to advise her that the person she was replacing was having second thoughts about leaving the company. Later in the week, she got another call to confirm that she did have a role with the company; however, in yet another message, it appears that the job being offered is not the one she interviewed for! Naturally, this has left Anna very unsure about the company.


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Friday, November 23, 2007

Back to work

Aquarium Visit

Our return journey from Port Stephens was a little more eventful that we might have liked, as both Caitlin and I seemed to suffer with a minor bout of the problems that had plagued James earlier. However, we both recovered reasonably quickly - both Caitlin and James were able to head off to “school” on Monday.

After having had surprisingly few responses to her recent job applications, Anna spent some time re-drafting her résumé to give it more of a focus on her design ambitions. We also spent some time running through her portfolio, so that she was comfortable with the points that she wanted to raise for each of her pieces. The end-result was a great success, as Anna was invited to attend an interview with a company in Marrickville and was soon made a conditional offer to join! The only downside being that it is a full-time position, so we now have to chase around organising all the necessary childcare.

That said, it is very encouraging for Anna to have risked a career change and have found a job that will allow her to develop her skills in this area.


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Friday, November 16, 2007

In the port of Stephen

Port Stephens

James recovered from his tonsillitis in time for our trip up to Port Stephens, to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We drove up to our rental house late Wednesday evening and, after some clambering around in the undergrowth, we found our home for the next few days. In the morning, we were able to appreciate the lovely views and make the very short trip to the beach.

We arranged to have dinner at the Rock Lobster restaurant and, although the service was a little slow, we all enjoyed the meal. However, as we were making our way back home, a rather ominous sound came from the lower level of the stroller - James had been sick, and needed a good clean-up. A visit to the doctor in the morning confirmed that he likely had a case of “gastro” - but, fortunately, it didn't seem to effect James too badly, and he still enjoyed playing around on the beach and climbing in the Tomaree National Park. Caitlin also did particularly well on our climb to the top of the headland, managing to walk for around 90% of the steep climb to the peak of the southern headland.

Despite James' illness, we all thought that the area around Nelson Bay was beautiful, and the lack of crowds meant that we had the beach just 50m from our house almost to ourselves!


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Friday, November 09, 2007

In the paper

Sculptures by the Sea

After a rainy Saturday, we woke up on Sunday to be welcomed by a number of text-messages from people we know in Balmain; as we appeared in an article in the sunday life magazine. The story was, much as we expected, a mixture of the information we had discussed with the reporter regarding the cost of having young children; and featured a couple of nice pictures.

We then headed out to see the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition, which features a variety of pieces spread along the very picturesque walk from Bondi to Tamarama.

On Thursday evening, we noticed that James was rather hot, which we initially thought might just have been some teething. However, to be on the safe side, Anna took him along to the doctors on Friday, where he was diagnosed with a case of tonsillitis - fortunately, nothing that a case of antibiotics shouldn't fix as we caught it early.


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Friday, November 02, 2007



Anna decided that, even though Caitlin hasn't had her hair cut in years, it was time for James' first venture under the scissors. I don't know if it's a common difference between boys and girls, but James is always very keen to be crawling and exploring by himself, which means that he is also very difficult to get to stay still - so cutting his hair can be pretty awkward. Hopefully his fringe will grow back sometime!

We headed out to Holly and Laila's (third and first) birthday party on Sunday. Fortunately, the weather was clear, so the visiting clown was able to get all the kids running around Elkington Park and having a great time - although Caitlin seemed a little bit unsure about the tug-o-war.

As some of you are probably aware, Anna ventured into the land of “social networks” during the week, when she ventured on to Facebook. The nice surprise was that, using it, she was able to re-connect with an old University friend who (it turns out) lives only a few miles away from us in Sydney.


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