Friday, March 28, 2008

When Wildlife Attacks

Jervis Bay

After our lightning-filled trip down to Jervis Bay, we found our accommodation pretty easily and managed to get unpacked fairly quickly. The place we were staying turned out to be plenty big enough for us all, and being only 100m from the beach was very well positioned.

Although the weather was a little changeable, we managed to get out and about to see pretty much all of the local attractions including the Botanic Gardens, National Park beaches, dolphins, Lady Denman etc.

On our last full day, the weather cleared up nicely so that we could have a relaxing beach day; or so we thought! As James was settling down for a little doze on the beach, we heard some rustling in the bushes and out poked a blue tongued lizard to see what remnants of food were available. Then, when we were sitting down for dinner later, one of the local kookaburras decided he'd like to join us, if there was any meat available...


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