Friday, November 24, 2006

Almost Finished


Anna had originally been planning to work right up until December 8th - the thinking being that she could then maximise the amount of time she spent with the new baby as part of her maternity leave.

However, as she hasn't been at the company long enough to qualify for a guaranteed position to return to, she has decided to finish a week earlier than originally planned - which means that next week will be her last at work. To be fair to her current employers, they have expressed a keen-ness in having her return, and have said that they are 90% sure there will be a position.

We attended our penultimate appointment with Dr Brieger today, before the 11th, as he is heading off for a week's vacation next week (he has another doctor covering for him). While Anna was initially concerned, in case #2 decided to arrive a little early, this does mean that he'll be feeling re-charged and refreshed on his return. As we've had quite a few appointments with him over the two pregnancies, we've seen in him in a variety of degrees of tiredness - I guess you have to expect your sleep to be interrupted regularly when you're an obstetrician!


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Friday, November 17, 2006

Synchronise Watches


Last weekend we headed up to Katoomba to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and also as a last treat before el nino arrives. For some strange reason, one of us is often feeling a little under the weather when we go away, and this time it was Anna's turn to have a few sniffles. Fortunately, we had planned on just having a relaxing weekend, so that was exactly what we did!

We stayed quite close to Echo Point, at the Echoes Hotel. The plan being to eat at the hotel on Saturday evening, which we did, while Caitlin was asleep downstairs in our room; and everything went pretty much to plan once Caitlin had managed to settle herself.

Anna & I visited the obstetrician today for the latest of the bi-weekly check-ups; which went fine. Dr Brieger also confirmed that he had us booked in for a 10:30am operation (on the 11th), if Anna doesn't go into labour beforehand. With Anna now at 36 weeks, she is struggling to get a full night's sleep and is fast approaching the stage of pregnancy where she “just wants it out”.


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Friday, November 10, 2006

Three! No-o-o-o-o!

Warren Visit

Those of you who been reading for a while may remember the discussion on buying our first pram - How many wheels. Our choice has served us well (including three trips back to the UK) but, unfortunately, doesn't provide an option for carrying two children. So, with #2 now only a few weeks away, we've invested in a Phil & Teds E3 stroller; primarily because it means that Anna or I can have both children “on board” and still have our hands reasonably free. The irony of it only having three wheels isn't lost on us though!

Having it made it safely back home to the UK, Rachel and Graham sent us through some photos from their trip; including a cameo appearance by yours truly at Harry's Cafe de Wheels.

Last, but not least - Anna, Caitlin & I are heading up to the Blue Mountains this weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary (on the 15th), and as our final trip away before the birth - so we'll hopefully have some more photos from there shortly...


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Friday, November 03, 2006

Out for 60th

Mums @ 60th

Having dropped Rachel, Graham and Emily off at the airport, we quickly got togged-up to head out for a friend's, Ken, 60th birthday party at The Shakespeare in Surry Hills.

Anna visited the obstetrician on Tuesday for her latest check-up - all continues to be progressing well. She has been getting more Braxton-Hicks contractions than she seemed to with Caitlin, so this was the topic of some discussion but, at least according to Dr Brieger, this is quite normal for subsequent pregnancies. The other thing that both he, and Rachel last week, stressed was to try and take things easy during the last few weeks...


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