Friday, September 29, 2006


Sydney Swans

We both visited the obstetrician earlier this week and during the check-up, which went fine, we also discussed a few more details around the impending birth. Although Anna would prefer not to have a caesarean section, she has accepted that the medical wisdom is that this is the safer option for women who have previously given birth this way. So, unless something happens to change the plans, the doctor has “booked us in” for Monday, December 11th. It seems very weird to know the date in advance...

Anna will be performing in the latest concert with the Balmain Sinfonia on Sunday afternoon. Given that the birth is now scheduled for the 11th, Anna has also signed up to participate in the next concert, which is scheduled for December 10th!

Finally, this weekend sees the culmination of the AFL and NRL football seasons with the Grand Finals - our local AFL team, the Sydney Swans, is in the final for the second year running, so hopefully they can win back-to-back championships.


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Friday, September 22, 2006

Nancy Sinatra?


Although spring has only recently sprung, the temperature reached a balmy 30 degress today and is set fair for the next few days. The local prime minister, John Howard, obviously made the right call when he decided not to meet with Al Gore.

Caitlin has been walking for quite some time now, but has recently developed a passion for walking around in her Mummys' shoes whenever she can. In fact, if left to her own devices in the morning, you can pretty much guarantee where you'll find her:

This video should give you an idea: “These shoes were made for walking”


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Friday, September 15, 2006

Eye to eye

Anna @ Hash

Caitlin had a minor case of conjunctivis during the week, which meant that I had to work from home, on Thursday, whilst she was receiving her antibiotics. In the evening it was my turn to set the run, around Balmain, for our local hash - so I got to spend the whole day at the Dry Dock Hotel playground.

I also finally got around to uploading some of our older photos, so there are now a few more galleries available for your perusal:


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Friday, September 08, 2006

All's well...

Anna visited the obstetrician during the week, and they did a quick review of the Braxton Hicks contractions that Anna had. As always, he was keen to stress that we should contact him or the hospital if we have any concerns, but he suspected that the baby had managed to get itself into an “odd” position, as this can trigger similar pain. He also checked that the baby was well, and was able to confirm that everything had returned to its normal position.

Meanwhile, Anna has completed her work on the logo design for the accountant she works with - they're both very happy with the end result. It started out as a project for her graphic design course, but Fatima is sufficiently impressed that she has decided to adopt the new logo!


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Friday, September 01, 2006



During the week we paid a quick visit to our local hospital general practice, as Anna was experiencing some painful Braxton Hicks contractions. As the hospital is so close to home it seemed like a good place to go to have them confirm that all was well (which it was) - however, as they don't have any maternity staff there, they were slightly alarmed when we arrived and told them Anna was having contractions! We subsequently had a chat with the staff at our maternity hospital, the Mater, and they were able to quickly resolve the situation.

With the arrival of September, we've now officially moved from Winter into Spring (we do things on the 1st of the month here, to keep it simple). The temperature has clicked up a notch or two in the past couple of weeks, but hopefully it won't get too hot for Anna before #2 arrives...


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