Friday, July 28, 2006

Auntie Amy

At The Run

Anna's Natural Area Restoration course got off to a slow start as, when she arrived on Saturday morning, she was greeted with the news that she didn't need to attend the first two sessions; as she had previously covered the material. So, she got back in the car and drove home!

Amy and her sister, Gale, arrived in Sydney as scheduled on Monday, so Anna has spent much of her non-work time catching up. The weather during the week hasn't been great, but hopefully that hasn't stopped them from getting around too much. Anna is also taking the day off work today to join them both on a day trip to the Blue Mountains.

The forecast for the weekend is much better, so hopefully we'll be able to make the most of it with a trip to Bronte/Bondi tomorrow, before they fly away for a few days in the Gold Coast.


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Friday, July 21, 2006

19-week scan

In Profile

Anna and I attended the 19-week scan this morning where, aside from checking on the general development, they are able to determine the sex of the baby. Everything went well, albeit somewhat slowly as the baby wasn't cooperating too much, and the final verdict was that this one is apparently a boy. While we were both pleased, I think Anna was particularly so, as it means that she will now have one of each.

After pampering, to celebrate her birthday last weekend, Anna is off to the first of her nine days of Natural Area Restoration to update her certification; which means that she has to get up earlier than normal.

Anna's friend, Amy, is also due to be visiting us in Sydney next week (along with her sister) - I hope she remembers to bring a coat and umbrella with her as, although it may be hot in the UK, we're very much in winter conditions here at the moment.


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Friday, July 14, 2006

Ides of December

St Nicholas

Anna & I visited our obstetrician again this week for the regular check-up, all of which went very smoothly - Anna has continued to have low blood pressure, much as she did last time around. As I hadn't been to any of Anna's appointments with Dr Brieger as yet, we had a brief discussion around the likelihood (or recommendation) of having another Caesarian. Although the doctor was happy for us to go either way, he did stress that the current research suggests that the risks are lower with an elective Caesarian (rather than the emergency one we had last time).

Meanwhile, Caitlin has greatly enjoyed waking us up in the middle of the night for much of this week again. We're sure that it is still teeth-related, but we can't help but wonder if she is also testing the boundaries.

As it is Anna's birthday on Monday (17th), we have a couple of things arranged for the weekend, including Anna visiting the day spa at the Observatory Hotel for some pampering and a massage. We're also attending the wedding of one of Anna's work colleagues on Sunday, at St Nicholas' in Punchbowl, so we're hoping that the weather is reasonable given that we're still mid-Winter here.


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Friday, July 07, 2006



Anna and I have both been having a somewhat disturbed week of sleep, as Caitlin has been teething and it has caused her to wake up at odd times of the night. She has almost all of her milk teeth now, but it looks like the canines are on their way through to complete the set.

As Anna hasn't been at college this week, she's been doing some work on her corporate logo project for the (part-time) accountant at ImagePoint, who is self-employed. Anna asked her a few questions about the logo last week, and has been putting together a few designs this week for review - and also trying to construct them in Illustrator.

We were due to visit the doctor for Anna's latest check-up today, but we received a call from the surgery that he had been called to an emergency, so the appointment has been re-scheduled for next week.


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