Friday, February 23, 2007

Date for the Diary


For those of you tuning in from the UK, we'd all like to let you know of a date for your diaries later this year. We'll all be coming back to the UK in July to celebrate:

The plan, at this stage, is to invite as many people as would like to come along for a weekend of fun in, or around, Barkers Green. Anna is currently scouring around possibilities for some outdoor fun during Saturday day - if you have any ideas drop her a note - followed by some food & drink in the evening.

We hope to catch up with as many of you as possible then!


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Friday, February 16, 2007

Let me eat cake!


On Saturday, we joined up with our local running club for a birthday celebration in Bronte for both Caitlin and one of the runners, Francis. Caitlin was more interested in the playground (in particular the climb-able octopus) than anything else, until the cakes were presented, at which point she managed to drag herself away for some icing!

On the 13th, Caitlin went to “school” as normal, but was allowed to take a cake with her to share with everybody. Then, it was back home for the excitement of all the present opening - many thanks to everybody for all of your gifts.

The day after, James visited the doctor with Anna to have the first of his immunisation vaccinations. Apparently, he didn't particularly enjoy the experience, as he was writhing after the first and shouting after the second.


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Friday, February 09, 2007

Tea for Two

Lachlan's Party

On Saturday, we headed down the road to Little Nicholson Street Playcentre to attend Lachlan's 2nd birthday party - Lachlan being the eldest of the boys & girls in Anna's first mothers' group. It was a sunny afternoon, and Caitlin had a great time licking all the icing off the various cakes on offer!

During the week, Anna took James for his six-week check-up (which got delayed because the doctor was on holiday). The doctor was very pleased with James' progress, having increased his weight to 5.2kg. In addition, James also seems to have started smiling at us a little - although it's always difficult to tell whether the smiles are actually intentional or not.

With Caitlin's birthday just around the corner, Anna has also been busy buying cake tins in preparation for the big day. Caitlin will be at “school” during the day, but they are happy for parents to bring in cakes for all the kids to share!


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Friday, February 02, 2007

Healing Well

Australia Day

After the Australia Day festivities, we had a pretty relaxing weekend. Anna has re-started her rehearsals with the Balmain Sinfonia, in preparation for their next concert in March.

Unfortunately for Caitlin, there have been lots of changes in her life recently and, not surprisingly, she's taking a little while to get to grips with everything. However, until she does, Anna and I are both on the receiving end of some pretty typical “terrible two-s” behaviour. The only thing that seems to reliably soothe her currently is The Wiggles - as a result we all know the words to some of their DVDs pretty well!

Anna also recently made her final visit to the obstetrician, for now, to get his review of how her caesarean was healing. She had felt a couple of strains, mostly caused by chasing Caitlin around, but he was able to confirm that (even if she had pulled the internal stitches) there was no evidence of any problem.


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