Friday, June 30, 2006

Too Much Spare Time

Adobe Creative Suite

Our MacBook Pro arrived on Tuesday, so the last piece of the puzzle was to purchase and install the Adobe Creative Suite, which we fortunately get at a very good price as Anna qualifies for the academic pricing. So, now Anna has no excuse for not becoming a master of graphic design, aside from:

So, to add a bit more spice, Anna has enrolled for a course at the TAFE college she previously attended, to upgrade her environment qualifications from a Certificate II to III.

Meanwhile, Caitlin has had a minor case of conjunctivitis, which we have been treating with some antibiotics - when we can successfully get them into her eyes. They looked quite sore at first, but the drops quickly improved things and she is back at school again now.


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Friday, June 23, 2006

The Switch

MacBook Pro

After a couple of weeks away, Anna has been trying hard to catch up on her Graphic Design course work. However, it has become clear that the course is starting to focus more on the Adobe suite of tools; so we decided to bring forward our purchase and recently ordered an Apple MacBook Pro to become our main PC at home. While this shouldn't mean a great deal for most of you it does mean that, for anyone who wants to video conference with us, this will shortly be best achieved through AOL Instant Messenger rather than the Microsoft-centric options.

We're headed off to the Blue Mountains this weekend for our Christmas-in-June celebrations, so we'll all be wrapped up warm for the more wintry conditions there!


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Friday, June 16, 2006

Parent's Day

Nana Hughes

The big news is that, following the various scans and appointments to ensure that everything is well, we can now announce that Anna & I are expecting our second child in December this year. Although we mentioned it to the people we saw while we were back in the UK, it wasn't until we got back that Anna completed the first round of scans - all of which went smoothly.

Although we have tried to tell Caitlin, her understanding at this point seems to be that the words "baby" and "belly" are now interchangable - oh well, maybe it's just as well that she can't have any sibling rivalry just yet!

Meanwhile, back in the UK, it will be my Mum's birthday tomorrow - so best wishes from us all here in Sydney.


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Friday, June 09, 2006

UK Round-Up

Alba Restaurant

We've been back in Sydney for a little under a week now so, with the jet-lag pretty much a thing of the past, it's time for a review of our trip to the UK. We spent the first week doing our usual dash-around to see some (but not all) of our friends & relatives:

On Sunday, we drove down to St Ives to spend the following week staying in an apartment with my Mum. I enjoyed many family holidays in St Ives, so it was nice to see how the town has changed (not much), and to have Grandma available for baby-sitting in the evening, while we had dinner.


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