Friday, January 26, 2007

James The First

Clontarf Beach

As today is Australia Day, it seemed like the most appropriate day to mention that James is the first of the Hughes clan to qualify as an Australian citizen. I hadn't realised until I checked, but James does indeed meet the criteria, so will be able to get his Australian passport shortly. We spent the day celebrating Robert's birthday, and enjoying the traditional barbie in Little Bay.

Last Sunday, we decided to make the most of the nice weather and head out to the beach at Clontarf. For some reason, Caitlin was a little hesitant to dip her toes in the water - but, not at all hesitant about crushing the sandcastles as soon as we had constructed them. Her transition from cot to bed has also been a little up-and-down, but she seems to be settling into the bed slowly but surely.

Finally, we'd all like to wish Anna's mum, Claire, a very happy birthday for the 27th!


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Friday, January 19, 2007

Bed Time


On Sunday, we headed off to Featherdale Wildlife Park to show Caitlin some animals “close up”. Although the park is much smaller than Taronga Zoo, you are able to get much closer to the animals - and they let the emus and kangaroos wander freely around. It was a pretty warm day, but Caitlin absolutely loved it, and spent the whole day running up & down the walk-ways.

James spent most of the day sleeping in the bottom of the stroller, surfacing briefly for milk before disappearing again; so Caitlin got most of our attention as well! It was really nice being able to get a good look at the animals, including the funnel-web spider, which was bigger than I thought!

For some reason, Caitlin seems to have managed to get her leg “stuck” in the cot a couple of times this week, so we're planning on starting the transition from cot to bed over the next few days - Anna tried her in the bed for her afternoon nap today and all went well, so hopefully she's ready for the change.


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Friday, January 12, 2007

Food Face

Food Face

Caitlin went back to school on Monday, after having a couple of weeks off over Christmas. As Anna is no longer working, we've changed her schedule so that she is only there on Mondays & Tuesdays, to give Anna chance to focus on her graphic design course-work on those days.

She's due to be “moving up” from the Chicks group (under two-year-olds) to the Brolgas group (two-to-three) soon, so it will be interesting to see what different skills she picks up. Her talking seems to have come on a lot recently, she is now regularly tackling new words and putting two words together - in addition, she has started to show the very first signs of wanting to use her potty.

James, meanwhile, has started to become more responsive when he's awake, and seems to have settled into a three-hourly feeding cycle. Anna's breast feeding has been going very well (much better than it did initially with Caitlin), which is great, but means that she's required to be woken up a couple of times each night.


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Friday, January 05, 2007



As last year, we made the short walk from our house to watch the New Year fireworks from our local ferry wharf (which has a pretty good view of the Harbour Bridge) - a couple of videos should be up on Google Video shortly...

After a couple of weeks away from the office I returned to work this week, which meant that Anna was left to single-handedly look after both Caitlin & James. Things have gone fine so far, but Caitlin has been (predictably) frustrated at the idea of having to share Anna's attention - hopefully she'll get used to the idea in the next few weeks.

James had his first check-up with the lady from the Early Childhood Development Centre, which he passed with flying colours. Apparently the woman took one look at him and immediately commented that he seemed to be thriving - a visit to the scales confirmed that he had gained weight to 4kg (from his birth weight of 3.5kg).


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