Friday, October 10, 2008

The report of my death was an exaggeration

Mark Twain

To state the obvious, it's been a while since we got round to updating the 'blog, so what follows is a pretty brief synopsis of the last few months but, in response to a couple of emails, no we haven't died!

In May, Anna, Caitlin & I were invited along to the Leichhardt Council Offices to attend our citizenship ceremony, which means that we are all now dual nationals - James got dual nationality when he was born, as we were already permanent residents. Anna and I spent the day making sure we could remember the words to the National Anthem but we needn't have worried as, to save any embarrassment, you're provided with a copy of them to sing along to.

Anna, in discussion with a few of our friends, then decided to start training for the Sydney Marathon. Her schedule meant that, from 18 weeks before the date, she needed to be doing training runs during the week, with longer runs at the weekend. As we're both busy working all day and looking after Caitlin and James in the evenings, it took a lot of commitment to then venture out and pound the streets around Balmain, and I'm really proud to say that, on the day, she completed the course in a very creditable 4:43:49.

Finally, for now, we've also been very busy getting our house ready to sell, including moving into a rental property, so that we could get it ship-shape. It looks really nice now, and has just gone on the market, so hopefully the hard work pays off and someone is prepared to pay a reasonable price for it. Our new, rented, house has three bedrooms and a bath, so Caitlin and James are thoroughly enjoying splashing around together before bed.

Hopefully, we'll update you again soon...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it looks like the house has sold very quickly,congratulations.Property in the uk is either not selling at all or only at big discounts.
regards to you all.

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