Friday, June 29, 2007

MusicFest contd.


After my chance meeting with the start of MusicFest, we decided to take advantage of the sunny day to join those heading to Cockatoo Island for the live performances scheduled for Saturday. The poor weather, hey it is the middle of winter, leading up to the event probably scared a few people off, but it turned out to be a really nice winter's day for the event.

After having been locked-up in the stroller on the way there, Caitlin absolutely loved running and dancing around for the whole afternoon. The music itself was quite enjoyable, and it was equally interesting to have a look around the location itself as it has only fairly recently been opened up for public access.

The main event of the week, however, was the conclusion of Anna's graphic design course. She has really enjoyed this shift in career focus, and she has already been approached by a couple of people regarding some informal opportunities - her focus is to look for a role when she returns from our trip to the UK.


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Friday, June 22, 2007

Musical Journey


The big news this week was that the first of James' teeth has arrived on the scene. He has been dribbling madly for the last couple of weeks, and the root cause became apparent as his bottom two teeth started to emerge through the gum.

With Anna's graphic design course due to finish at the end of this month, she has been very busy over the last few weeks to ensure that she wraps up everything on-time. I'm very pleased to say that, aside from some momentary confusion over her portfolio, everything appears to be on track.

On Thursday, the winter solstice here, Sydney played host to the start of MusicFest. The main idea, as I understand it, is to “promote musical practice and live music without a profit-making goal”. Anna had picked up a leaflet earlier in the week, but I happened to be on the ferry to work when the very first performer got underway (at 8 in the morning). It was a rather surreal, although enjoyable, few minutes as lots of soberly-dressed city commuters and I (less well dressed) made our way into Darling Harbour listening to a guy playing the keyboards and singing away!


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Friday, June 15, 2007

Broken String

New Seats

The week started with a trip to “Baby Things” to return James' capsule, and upgrade to a forward-facing car seat. After looking at the various options, it made most sense to get a new bigger seat for Caitlin, and for James to inherit her old seat. He looked a little hesitant about the idea at first, but seems to have become more accustomed to it over the next few days - watch his reaction.

On Sunday, Anna was playing in the latest concert with Balmain Sinfonia - but had the mis-fortune to have her A-string break early on during the performance (although not while she was playing). She was able to change the string over but, and I wasn't aware of this, new strings take a little while to “bed down” so that they consistently produce the anticipated sound.


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Friday, June 08, 2007

Food and Wine


Anna attended The Genesian Theatre's latest offering, Shadowlands, on Friday night; which was apparently a rather sombre, although well-acted, experience. So a couple of the other people there suggested that we all go to the Manly Food & Wine Festival on Sunday to cheer up! After the coin-toss came up in my favour, I was quick to launch into the various reds & ports on offer - no point wasting time on anything lighter!

On Sunday, we toured around Sydney as part of one of Anna's final college assignments. The brief was to compose a set of postage stamps, and Anna decided to base it on various Sydney landmarks; with the twist being that each of the images be a small fraction of a famous location, rather than the typical tourist picture.

As we ended up in Bondi around tea-time, we decided to enjoy some fish-and-chips whilst looking out over the view. Needless to say, we were joined by around a hundred seagulls, but Caitlin's well-rehearsed line of “go away birdie” kept them at bay!


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Friday, June 01, 2007

Sitting Up

Sitting Up

The big news this week was that Anna was able to arrange James' limbs in such a fashion that he could actually stay sitting briefly. For some reason, Anna seems to think that Caitlin was able to do this earlier in life than James - so it's off to the photo archives:

The defense rests...


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