Monday, January 01, 1990

Trim Trailing Space JDeveloper Extension

The folks at Oracle recently accepted a small JDeveloper extension that I put together, which provides the user with a pop-up menu option to remove trailing white space from the current source file.

This capability is quite common amongst editors, but on inspection appeared to be missing from the list of capabilities provided by the built-in editor. It also served as a useful learning ground to become a little more familiar with the JDeveloper Extension SDK.

The extension is available, following installation through the Help->Check for Updates... menu option, by invoking the pop-up menu when editing any text document, as can be seen in the screen shot below:

Click on image to view full size

The extension should:

The source code for this extension can now be accessed via

UPDATE: Many thanks to Gera Shegalov, who sent me a patch to include keyboard accelerator access to the same functionality, which is incorporated in version of the extension.

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